Nov 28, 2011

Gobble up the savings!

If there's one thing November is good for, it's turkey. And you don't just have to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. It just so happens that this time of year, turkeys cost only about 58 cents a pound, making it the best time to buy them...and freeze them. Compare those prices to chicken, and you've got yourself pounds and pounds of savings.

Save on food costs, by buying a couple turkeys for your freezer to stock up for the year and then enjoy them for special occasions, group dinners, or just have and eat leftovers! 

Nov 24, 2011

Black Friday door buster tips

It's 10pm on Thanksgiving night which means some of you are ready to head out to stand in line for door buster items. This year Black Friday is beginning even earlier and the deals are better than ever. It's easy to get sucked in to the chaos of the early morning rush and just buy everything in sight. Here are some tips so you stay on budget:

1. Unless you're already in line, you won't get that flat screen on the cover of Best Buy's ad. People camp out, sometimes for days, to get those big ticket items. Read the fine print, most big ticket items are only available in small quantities, but so many people show up at midnight expecting to get one. Then once they get you in the door, you'll feel obligated to buy stuff cause you made the trip. Don't fall prey to these tricks. Many times you can find similar great deals online from the comfort of your home.

2. Don't just buy something because it's cheap. When I was looking at laptops, I was tempted to buy anything with a great price, but instead, I made a list of the qualities I really wanted in a laptop. This way, I didn't just hit "buy" or grab something when an item in my price range came up. For instance, I wanted a laptop that got great reviews, had a long battery life, and had at least a 10 inch screen. I refused to buy anything unless it met those qualifications.

3. Consider shopping local first. Skip the big chain stores and support your small businesses and mom and pop shops. Did you know small businesses are much more likely to invest in the community? In the hustle and bustle of the big shopping holidays, it's easy to forget the importance of supporting local businesses, but this holiday, make it a priority.

Nov 19, 2011

Bargain books

Got to love a good book sale! I snagged these this week at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg for a total of $4.50! All the books were outside and it was quite chilly, but as one of the few who braved it, it definitely paid off.

Nov 16, 2011

Ink Cartridge Savings

Have you printed something lately and the bottom half of the letters are all cut off or your images are faded? You've reached that dreaded moment: you need more printer ink. Depending on the printer you own, it can seem like the new ink cartridges cost more than just buying another printer..sometimes this is actually true. BUT, there are a couple ways around paying a high cost for new ink.

1) BEFORE you replace your cartridges, give them a good shake, you'll get a few more good pages out before you replace them. If you think your cartridges may just be dried up, take a wet paper towel and rub it on the bottom of your cartridge until ink starts dribbling out; this will moisten the cartridges. Pop them in and try again.

2) In my town there is a store called Cartridge World. They refill your old ink cartridges for a fraction of the cost instead of giving you new ones and they guarantee their service works. Check to see if there's one near you on their website and start savin' on all your refills!

3) If your current printer cartridges cost a bundle, do consider investing in a different printer. The cost of the new printer will include 2 ink cartridges, so do the math before you make your next purchase. When I picked out my last printer, I researched the ink cartridges prices that matched my printer and made sure they were affordable so that I would save money over time.

4) Do you have old printer cartridges sitting around? Places like Staples and Office Max actually give you a few dollars credit for every cartridge your recycle. Check out your local office supply store to see what they are offering for your old ink.

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