Sep 21, 2014

The Pigskin & a Rocks Glass: how to watch football without cable

POST UPDATE: In the new NFL mobile update, the app will now show the game sidways across the tv screen, making the game impossible to watch in this fashion (unless you like to turn your tv on its side). However, my husband and I, using much effort, position our iPhones across from eachother, streaming the game on one phone and then using the other phone to utilize the camera app to mirror the game and connect that stream to the tv. Yes, it is a ridiculous, but we will do most anything to avoid paying for cable. And that's why I have a blog.


Finally there is a way I can get my football fix and still cut out the one-game-in-town over-the-top cable company. It's called NFL mobile with Verizon.

I'm not going to say it's 1080p, more like 720p on our tv, or even that there are no interruptions (30 minute timeout, low battery warnings) but it gets you football for $2.99 a week. We hooked up a lightning to A/V cable to our iphone to our tv so we could stream the game on the big screen. The catch is you have to use the app with your data plan, which means no wifi. Sounds like a handy trick to get Verizon users to upgrade. Well, okay, yeah we did that. 

Well, how much data does a game use on NFL Mobile? We used up 1.25 gigabytes to watch one full length game, and we hit pause at halftime. 2 extra gb will cost you $10/month with Verizon, so depending on your data usage, this may or may not work for you. For us, we can make it work.

For us, we only have a couple bars of 3g at our house, so it took some finagling to get the game to stream without frequent pauses. After doing some research online, we unplugged our router to minimize interference, looped the phone outside, stood it on a watering pot to be higher off the ground, and then the real kicker, we put the phone in a rocks glass to catch  and hold the signal. The rocks glass did the trick and we were able to watch a clean streaming game with minimal stops.

On top of that, the Eagles are 3-0 this season. That has nothing to do with thriftiness, but it has everything to do with happiness. I love football season.
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