Oct 10, 2010

Leftovers inspiration

I LOVE saving leftovers. In fact in college whenever my friends and I would go out to eat or order out, I would make a point to eat only half of the meal so that I could turn the food into two meals. At the time, I was very broke and I had to make the most of the food I had. Now I'm just cheap.

My friend Crystal has a blog I follow called The Food Aisle. Her latest post is on experimenting with leftovers in a creative way... to literally spice it up. It was an inspiring post to read.

I would encourage you to read her article: Reviving leftovers: Chinese. I believe it will open your eyes to new possibilities in relation to saving your leftovers. When it comes down to it, saving leftovers = saving food = saving money. And as we all know, that's the point around here. Enjoy the read.
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