Jun 11, 2011

Fight allergies for less

As summer begins, pollen levels soar, leaving us stuffy-nosed, congested, and pretty miserable all around. If you've taken a trip the drugstore lately, you know that name-brand allergy medication prices are through the roof. But you're in luck. There are ways to fight allergies without falling to prey to sky-high prices.

Short-term plan
To cut medication costs, trying buying off-brand/generic drugs. For me, Claritan works best in clearing up my sinuses when the grass allergy is high, but it's exorbitantly priced at about $20 for 30 pills. Luckily, the off-brand I found at Target (Up & Up), only cost $3.99 for 30 pills and uses the same active ingredients as Claritan. I actually approached the store's pharmacist and asked him if the off-brand would work. He told me he gives his kids off-brand medication; if it uses the same active (fighting) ingredients, it will work just as well. I happily took my medication home knowing I saved about $15. Not too bad.

Long-term plan
Though allergy medication helps in the short-term, allergies come back every season which require more medication. But if you want to fight allergies in the long-term, start with local honey; it's known as a possible natural remedy to reduce allergies. The idea is that since honey is comprised of local nectar, by eating a spoonful a day for a month, your body starts to become immune to local allergens.

To find local honey, go to your local farmers market or stand. Be sure to check the label and make sure it's truly made nearby. I bought mine at an independent farm stand for $4.35 and have had some success in reducing my allergies by taking it, so it's worth a shot! Plus, if it effectively reduces your allergies, it will save money on medication in the long run. And of course, saving money in the long run is always the goal around here!

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