May 12, 2012

Yard Sale find: wine rack!

Best yard sale deal ever. I was looking at these wine racks in a home decor and furniture store for over $100. Today's price = $1.

The wine/liquor rack was the best find of the day, but here are some others:
3 shirts = $1.50
1 wooden chess board = $1
1 flask and leather case = free
2 packs of sticky page flags = $1
1 retro Phila Eagles hat = $1

...this is where most cliche writers would say: blah blah blah = priceless. Don't worry folks, this isn't a cliche blog. I may go thrifting, but I don't use cheap words. That's where it counts.

1 comment:

  1. Of course, nice design and super useless thing in my opinion) Okay, if you have 5-7 bottles and you plan to drink them with friends company for the evening. This is the working version. But if you are talking about the volume of 20 bottles of good collection wine, you must agree that they need to be stored, and this must be done best wine coolers . Otherwise, after some time, there is a danger of opening vinegar at the table. In any case, I wouldn't economy on the device for wine, if only because I really love it so much.


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