Dec 30, 2012

Let's share that meal, says the Stubborn Saver

I had a friend tell me recently that they wished they could thrift like me and save money the way I do. Of course I told them to read my blog if they want to change their life, and we laughed and they said they already did. I thought for a moment and realized there was one factor that separates a serious thrifter who saves money on nearly everything from a normal everyday saver that may use a coupon every once in a while. The difference is the ability to be undeniably stubborn.

This is a picture of the meal I had for lunch today that was about $17...actually I split it with a friend. It's my belief that a lot of people don't want to go through the trouble to save little money, in this case, admitting to the server/owner that we didn't wish to pay for our own meals, instead, we were going to split one. Honestly, it's always a little uncomfortable (at least for me) to split a meal. Its a little time-consuming to wait until you find the item  you want at the thrift store. And its a little stressful to refuse to pay a price that is just too high - but these are things that, in the end, can save you a LOT of money.

Most people are not willing to go through the effort or the anxiety, and that's okay, you can still save money, but its the drive that moves me to save more than other people. It's a sickness that is sick and tired of watching people fall prey to debt and lose control of their finances because they don't know how to get what they need and spend less money. There is another path. I can teach you the secrets. Just don't be afraid if you find yourself becoming a tad bit financially stubborn. It's part of the way out.

I wish everyone a happy 2013, and here's to blogging more, because I like it so I should do it, damnit. Here's to a fresh restart.
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