Sep 24, 2010

Kick the habit: bottled water

I love bottled water. There's just something about the cleanliness, the crispness, the wonder of cracking up a sealed bottle filled with cool, refreshing liquidy goodness. In college, I would go through several cases per month, using mounds of plastic and drinking gallons and gallons of reverse osmosis filtered water, chilled from the fridge.

Just a month or so before I began this blog, I decided it was time to give up this costly habit. Sure, a case of water costs only $4-5 for a case of 24, but if I buy 3 cases per month, the water was costing me as much as an extra texting data package, and it was unacceptable. I decided to invest in some reusable metal water bottles, bpa free of course, to start my new way of life. Even after I managed to lose both of them and buy two more, I am still saving money overall. My new plan is to watch where I put them for even more savings.
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Convenience usually has a price tag, but you can used to anything. At first I really hated having to wash the water bottles and fill them with ice cubes and then water, when before, I could have just grabbed a bottle from the fridge. I seriously considered going back to my old ways, but my money-conscious mind-set got the best of me, and I am still using reusable water bottles. Thrift habit success!

This is a very, small practical way to change your spending habits that's easier than slashing your cell phone bill. I would highly recommend cutting bottled water out of your life. After a few months, you won't miss it.
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  1. using mounds of plastic and drinking gallons and gallons of reverse osmosis filtered water, chilled from the fridge. reverse osmosis system

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