Sep 3, 2010

Read all the books you want for nothing

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My friend Jennifer* told me about a free activity she's been doing for the past few weeks. She goes to Barnes and Nobles, grabs a book, plops down and continues reading where she left off. She's been going consistently, reading the book solely at that location and just spending time there enjoying the book.

So, while reading at your local bookstore may seem like an obvious free activity at first, I think it possesses a few unique qualities.

1. Unlike a library that has a limited selection of new books, somewhere like Barnes & Noble has all the newly released and most popular books on its shelves. Here you can read all the best sellers, read Oprah's new one or skim through your favorite magazine.

2. B&N (or other similar bookstores) are large enough that you can sit and read without buying anything consistently and go unnoticed.

3. There are couches for goodness sake! They are basically inviting you to sit there and read all day. In fact, I'm pretty sure they want you to.

4. In a small way, you're actively fighting "the man". Sit on their couches, use their products and don't spend a dime. Feel good about yourself for this one.

5. You're reading - which is great for obtaining knowledge, improving your memory, and looking really smart.

Basically it's a win-win all around. So save your cash, hit the bookstore and get reading!

Look for more free/very cheap entertainment options to come.

*names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.
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