Mar 4, 2011

It's good to invest... others. Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves that we forget to invest in others. If we ever think our financial situation is bad or our life is not working out so well, consider there are always those who have less and are in tougher situations than you.

I will be unable to blog in the next few days because I am taking a trip to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. I am heading there with my masters program to try to create a 3-5 year strategic plan for the community. This community is impoverished. I am sure to see plenty of people who have much less than me. It will be like stepping into a new world...

But from what I've heard, the people have much joy in their lives, though at this point, I cannot say how or why. I'll have more to report when I return next week. Until then!

1 comment:

  1. oh man Ang we must be pretty disconnected if this is the first I'm hearing about a trip to the DR. Have fun?


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