Mar 24, 2011

The Thrift World: Status Update

Dear fellow thrifters,

I write this letter with mixed excitement and disappointment.

My very talented cousin has offered to give The Thrift World a much needed face-lift for a bargain of a price. An exact look is not quite nailed down quite yet, BUT the new site will be up and running by mid to late May - that is a definite. The Thrift World will be newly cleaned, polished and thrifty as ever in less than 2 months, going full steam ahead.

Until that time, I regretfully announce I be taking a pause in blogging. While my cousin is designing, I am finishing final projects for my masters degree. It seems like a natural time for a break in writing.

In an effort to keep in touch and get status updates on the new website, please "like" The Thrift World on Facebook to engage in thrifty banter and discussion. I will continue to post new ideas and thrifty thoughts via that medium.In the meantime, look on the left hand panel of my blog for "thrifting categories" to read up on previous thrifting posts you may have missed. You can also check out a new online magazine I'm a writer for called The Modern Domestic.

Thank you all for your support & thrifty ideas. I look forward to future blogging this May!


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