May 31, 2011

And.....WE'RE BACK!

This has been a time of finishing up school, applying for jobs, and moving! Finally, after all the busyness has cleared, I can re-start blogging!! Thank you all for being loyal, for "liking" and "following" The Thrift World, even in the absence of new material. Though, as promised, I am returning blogging in the month of May (just barely), The Thrift World re-design has been pushed back to late June...but changes are coming!

While I'm been on blogging hiatus, and when I started to plan my return, I began to reconsider WHY I chose to start a thrifting blog. Spending time with family and friends, having conversations and balancing my own new budget only reinforced my excitement and motivation for blogging about thrifting.

The motivation of The Thrift World is: I want to help people avoid becoming a slave to money.

Think about it. Many of us or many of our family members work 40 grueling hours a week, and then spend the rest of our days recovering from work(I know, this is a bleak outlook). Even though we are getting paid and have an income, we do not conquer money, we become its slave. We are heaped with bills, taxes, debt and the money we work long and hard for, always seems to slip away. How can we control our income? How can we become masters of our monetary domain?

We can thrift. We can watch how we spend our earnings. We can learn to get the things we need and want for less, leaving us with some disposable income and less financially stressed life. We can become people who have enough and can give. We can be happy without constantly worrying about our finances.

We can be thrifty and free! Learn how to do that here. Now I can happily say, there is much more to come. Stay tuned!
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