Dec 14, 2011

10 Money-saving options for the unemployed

Guest post: Written by Ellie Smith

‎10 Money-saving options I've explored since becoming unemployed:

1. "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down"

2. working in the semi-dark loaded down with blankets to save energy

3. home haircuts

4. going without deodorant and showering every other day (hey, it's winter!)

5. eating popcorn for at least one meal a day

6. baking my own bread and cookies

7. not leaving the house except to walk the dogs

8. making one trip to PriceRite last two weeks

9. cancelling my Netflix subscription and relying on network tv for entertainment

10. banning all Christmas-related expenditures

Estimated savings: $1,892.56

I realize it sounds really sad when you lay it all out there, but I gotta admit I'm kind of proud of myself. Now if only I could put all that energy into finding a job...

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