Dec 17, 2011

Extreme Christmas saving ideas

Maybe it's just a trend in my family but we have loads of gifts laying around even before we go Christmas shopping. My mom has books, picture frames, body lotions, crafty items, and tons more that she's gathered all year long. It's during the Christmas season that she finally breaks them out and wraps them up.

Sure, lots of stuff is on sale during the holiday season...or at least stores want you to THINK everything is deeply discounted. They just want you to buy stuff, so they'll do pretty much anything to convince you to grab everything in site while it's so cheap. But the truth is, the best time to buy gifts isn't between Black Friday and Christmas Day.

Special sales and deals happen throughout the year, and if you think ahead, you can save a bundle by shopping during each season's discounts. My mom starts Christmas shopping generally around yard sale season. I don't care what anyone says, you can find amazing gifts, new and used, right in people's back yards. We do it every year. Why should it matter if I spend $2 on your gift? If you love it, that's all that matters.

We don't just have to talk about yard sales either. If we want to get really crazy and save money, we can buy Christmas gifts from Dec. 25-30. Yep, that's when EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE goes way on sale. All those gifts that were $10, they'll all now $5. Every piece of electronics that was crazy cheap before Christmas, well guess what, it's even cheaper now.

If you want to get even crazier, I mean crazy like your friends and relatives might consider putting you away somewhere,  consider moving Christmas. ::gasp:: I know, I know. I went a little far but let me just explain. If you moved your Christmas party until a few days after Christmas, everyone could buy everything deeply discounted those couple days after Dec. 25. You would save so much money, you could either (a) buy everyone twice as many gifts or (b) save a boatload of cash...probably a little of both.

With any of these options, wouldn't it be nice to have lots of your gifts ahead of time? Then the holidays might not seem as absolutely nuts as they already are with everything going on.

I have lots of posts about savings during the holiday season, be sure to click through and see my past articles on the topic. You can click "holidays" in the Thrifty by Category section.
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