Jul 21, 2010

Coldstone Creamery: go the cheap route!

There's nothing better than cake batter ice cream with peanut butter cups, white chocolate chips, fudge and even the occasional cookie dough addition. I know what you're thinking: "Holy Buckets Batman! Such expensive ice cream! Is this any way to start a blog about living thrifty?" (I can sense your passion, really). But alas, you can get Coldstone without spending a fortune, and here's some tips on how.

Valued friend = coupon sharer
  • First off, Coldstone offers free ice cream on your birthday if you join their birthday club. It's just silly not to do this.
  • Grab a frequent buyer punch card to get that free ice cream on the 10th purchase. That's 10% your ice cream, even in combo with a coupon or other deal.
  • Find a Enjoy 2 ice creams for $5 coupons (as shown to the right) and various other similar coupsons. Coldstone accepts coupons repeatedly, so when you give them a coupon, they give it back to you. This is a beautiful thing. So, grab a coupon, hold it tight, save it somewhere important because you can and will save again.
  • My biggest piece of advice: Share with a friend. Why? Because if you don't have a coupon and you want lots of mix-ins (like me) and just don't feel like spending a bundle, convince your friend to like your ice cream or, if you must, compromise. So, get a chocolate ice cream with brownies and cherries (cause your friend likes 'em) and just get it a bigger size. Get a Love-It size, or even get a pint or a quart. Then ask for two bowls and two spoons and split the price! Congratulations, you just made your own discount.
Now that you've saved some cash, enjoy your Coldstone guilt free (monetarily speaking only, of course). Check back, more blogs to come.
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