Jul 28, 2010

A credit report that's actually free

Have you seen the cutesy freecreditreport.com commercials? People are singing and dancing; everyone knows their credit score and the world is a better place. But, if you've ever gone to that website and got your credit report, you know that it is NOT a free service. In fact, it costs you $12 if you don't cancel immediately.

I signed up and saw the report pop up on my credit card. In annoyance, I tried to contact the company to tell them that I did not want their services...I thought it was free! But, I couldn't. They make it so hard for you to talk to a real person in hopes that you give up, pay the bill and then cancel or forget to cancel so the process repeats itself and you're more frustrated and they make more money.

But alas, there is another website out there that is actually free: it's called annualcreditreport.com. This website lets you see your credit report for free, once a year. I know this, because I tried it and it is absolutely free. Unfortunately, the website does not tell you you're specific score, but it shows your credit history and lots of other valuable information about your standing that is worth checking out. The service is available for each person to view one time per year. So if you haven't checked out your credit report yet this year, check it out for the lowest cost you could ask for: free, free, free!
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