Jul 26, 2010

Movie Theater Popcorn vs Me
Popcorn = Victor

Today I did what no thrifter should do: I bought movie theater popcorn. I sat in the theater awaiting the much talked about movie Inception, with Reeses Pieces and water bottle packed neatly in purse, when smells of sweet, buttery popcorn rose to my nostrils. All these kids sat in the row in front of us (not allowing me to put my feet up); they ALL fell prey to the theater's overpriced popcorn. I can't blame them, they're just kids!

I had only minutes before the movie was set to start and my mind whirled with arguments of pleasure v. inner sense of price rationality. But, I was no match for the popcorn's striking allurement. I fell captive.

The damage: I payed $4.75 for a small popcorn with lots of extra pumps of butter nestled inside (clearly this isn't a weight loss blog). Hint: you can usually sneak out during the movie and ask for extra pumps and they won't charge you at all for them. Unfortunately, I couldn't even do that because with this movie I felt like I miss something super integral, so I stayed. Bahhh!!! So who I am to be giving advice at this stage of the game?!?!

Today, I confess, I am a out of control spending hypocrite! But buttery, delicious movie theater popcorn, I promise you this: We will meet again.


  1. Your sister.12:10 AM

    I feel ya with that popcorn thing. I've got a story of my own.

    So today. Reading Phillies game. Only 8 bucks for a really good seat! That is NOT bad at all. They even sold awesome hot dogs for only 1 dollar a piece. (Here's a tip of my own: apparently when you wait for the hot dog guy to walk around the stands with his cooler, the hot dogs come on potato rolls instead of regular ones- Yum!)

    So anyways. Dollar hot dogs. Good seats right behind first base... Now all we need is a drink....We thought we'd try to save some pennies and dimes.


    "Hi, uhm, can we have a cup of ice water with that hot dog?"

    "I'm sorry. We don't give that out."



    *Through clenched teeth* "Alright then, I'll just take a bottle of water."

    "That'll be Two dollars and SEVENTY FIVE CENTS!!!"

    Unbelievable I tell you. Oh and by the way? I hope you don't want a bottle of soda. Because THAT would be THREE DOLLARS and seventy five cents.

    With that. My advice to you- Take your friends to a reading phillies game. Bring your own drinks and hide them (If they don't check you. i'm not actually sure if they do or not.) Save some dollars for some good hot dogs, and hope that you get something else free. I'm not sure how we did it, but we all left the game with a loaf of bread and then went to arbys to get a free Arby's melt. .. Oh, and since we got rained out by the 4th inning? We get to go back to another game!!

    Love, Your sister.

  2. I always sneak in a Dr Pepper when I go to the movies (unless it's a long one and I don't want to have to get up and use the restroom), and usually promise myself a bag of popcorn when I get home or sometime soon... otherwise I can't resist either. HOW do they make it SMELL so GOOD?! It's not fair!!


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