Dec 24, 2010

I want to live like Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has more money than Steve Jobs. He drives a black Acura TSX, rents a house in Palo Alto, and lists "eliminating desire" as an interest on his Facebook page. He says, "I think it would be very easy to get distracted and get caught up in the short-term things or material things that don't matter". Considering his estimated $6.9 billion fortune, he lives a modest life. Not to mention that he just signed The Giving Pledge, promising to donate half of his fortune to charity. It takes holding quite a healthy perspective on money to join that foundation.

We are living in a society whose health and wealth depends on people spending money above their needs. We are living in the season of celebration, and shopping. We stack wrapped clothing, coffee makers, laptops, and toys under our green fir symbol of everlasting light and life.

We must maintain a loose grip. Otherwise we may see financial stress clouds hovering over our day and our desire for nicer things mastering our minds.

The challenge: live a simple, content life above our desire for more and better stuff.

How can we accomplish this task? We start by finding satisfaction in our current state of affairs and proprietorship. We continue by seeking only items of practicality. We end by living in financial freedom and a sense of inner-contentment. This enduring process can be accomplished with determination and an understanding to resist temptation.

Start after Christmas. Stop going to your favorite store. Stop peeking at the shopping websites on your toolbar. Aim to make and create above purchase, and to learn and discover above items of gratification. Look within and pour out a sea of spirit and inspiration. Find a boat to rest on that sea and leave the life of longing behind.

Cast your anchor. Feel satisfied because you've eliminated the plugging desire for the bigger, the better, and the shinier. Feel cool because you live in the same neighborhood as Mark Zuckerberg.
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