Dec 16, 2010

Weaver's $20 gift certificate giveaway!

Thank you Weaver's for giving me a free $20 gift certificate for simply showing up at your store yesterday. No minimium purchase, no fine print, just plain free. The line out the door was CRAZY! I actually had a "wait, is this black Friday?"moment.

We got there, and the line was 15 people long. According to the Amish woman in front of us, it was the shortest it had been all day! And we walked up to the door and they just handed you the ticket, no form to fill out, no questions asked, here's your money. Needless to say, I didn't buy anything yet because the check-out lines were half the length of the store. But I will be back because the gift card doesn't expire:)

Men - your chance is coming up. That giveaway is happening next Wednesday, December 22 at Weaver's Store in Fivepointville from 5-9pm. Just show up, be a man or do some fine convincing and you're golden. Don't miss it!
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