Dec 4, 2010

Save money all year with an Entertainment book

Last year my boyfriend and I received an Entertainment book for Christmas loaded with coupons to local restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment and travel. Many of the deals are buy one get one free (BOGO), or buy one get one half off (BOGOHO?). You can check to see which coupons are available in your town by doing a zip code search.

Today the website says book are $10 off (which makes them $25) with free shipping but I think $25 is the normal price, so never pay $35. You can also order the book through and get the book $25 and then receive 35% cash back in your account, which is $8.57.

In my experience, we definitely saved more than the cost of the book, especially considering it was bought for us (put it on your Christmas list). But every person is different, so check the locations out to see if you actually go to the places listed. Coupons are good til Nov. '11.

Sometimes coupons can get you to spend more money because you weren't planning on going to that restaurant or shopping at that store, but if you're already a customer, you may as well get a coupon, which is why I recommend this book. It could also be a great gift for someone who just moved as a way to explore their new location. Personally, I'm excited to find my Entertainment 2011 book under the Christmas tree this year.

Go go go BOGOHO!
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