Feb 6, 2011

Need more clothes without spending more cash?

We all love adding clothes to our wardrobe. Having new, fresh items to pick from the closet just makes the morning selection process go smoother. We've been building up our wardrobe almost our whole lives so you'd think we would never need to buy more clothes, but styles change by the season and its easy to feel pressured to keep up. Did you know Gap specifically changes their jean color every few months so that we feel pressured to buy the next new shade? Let's not fall prey to the marketing schemes of the clothing companies.

Here are just a few tips on how to spend less on clothing.
1- Aim to buy "timeless" clothing, stay away from the trends. I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to buy a pair of red, cotton flannel pants. Trust me, they were all the rage at my middle school and I was determined to look cool. My mom told me not to waste my money on them because they'd be out of style by next season. I ignored her advice and sure enough, by the next year, I wouldn't wear those ugly things out of the house.

This is an extreme example, but it happens to us all the time. When you go shopping, look at styles and colors that last more than a season so you can build up your wardrobe instead of replacing out of style stuff every year.

2- Fix the clothes you already have. Grab your needle and thread and fix the buttons on your pea coat and the hem on your work pants OR, go to the store and buy a quality stain remover and soak the stains of the clothes you already have. Once you spruce up your current selection of clothes, you'll find yourself with more quality choices and feel less inclined to go out and buy more.

3- Throw/Attend a Clothing Swap! Time to change up your wardrobe? Here's the perfect way to make it happen. Sort through your clothes and pull out any items that you are done wearing. This can be items such as shirts, pants, sweaters, belts, scarves, purses, etc. Bring all the items to the "Swap" and get started. Whatever items are not swapped and don't go home with anyone will be donated to Goodwill. Get rid of items clogging your closet and even liven up your wardrobe with a few new items. It's the perfect event!

I'm almost set to go to a clothing swap next weekend, I've got a huge bag of clothes to give away already but I haven't even gone through my main shirt rotation yet. I'm excited, I love getting rid of stuff.

Remember, Punxsutawney Phil says spring is coming early this year, so set up your clothing swap now with your family and friends just in time for spring cleaning!
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