Feb 15, 2011

A simple household cost-saving fix

I'm very excited about a recent household purchase. I'm easily excitable really, but this new buy is going to save me some money in the next few months which is always cause for a mini-celebration.

My roommate and I have really crappy drains that get clogged up all the time. We buy $8 Draino every couple months which really adds up. Plus I just hate to think about the environmental impact of using that stuff all time. Sometimes when we de-clog our drains, the Draino goo is clumped down in there too. I feel like it helps and hurts at the same time.

Finally, I bought a solution.

These little guys (not sure what to call them) came in a pack of 3 for just $1.99 at an Asian market in Lancaster, PA. Random, right? Plus, this pack of 3 fit perfectly in our kitchen sink, our bathroom sink, and our bathtub drain. It's like they knew the dimensions of the drains in our apartment somehow (creepy, right?)

Anyway, these stainless steel contraptions catch everything! It can actually be a little annoying, because you have to de-clog them and clean them. BUT, I have confidence we will never have to buy Draino again. Since we've made this purchase, our water runs straight down our drains, showing no sign of getting held up at any point.

Thrift success!
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