Feb 25, 2011

Thrifting resources: woot.com + deals.woot.com

I believe one of the keys to being a thrifter is knowing what resources are out there. Today I want to share two websites that can act as a great personal thrifting resources for great deals available online. Those two (related) websites are woot.com and deals.woot.com.
  • Woot.com is a website of daily deals. Each day, they offer a special offer on electronics and other stuff at a special discounted rate. I've bought several things off that site including the netbook I'm typing on. They also have other categories of daily deals including kids.woot, shirt.woot, wine.woot and sellout.woot, each offering a different item each day for cheap.
  • Deals.woot.com is a related site that highlights daily good deals found on the all over the internet offered from other companies. Many of the deals I've shared on The Thrift World come from here. It's definitely a good source for finding freebies and thrifty deals online.
If today's deals don't strike your fancy, poke around the woot.com and deals.woot.com sites and see what cool discounted stuff you can find. If you like what you see, good news, the sites have new deals everyday. For more thrifting resources, simply click on The Thrift World tab called "Thrifting resources".

Happy weekend!
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