Aug 10, 2010

Bills: are you getting the best bang for your buck?

Someone in my MBA night class announced a new website he'd been using called Bill Shrink. Of course I was intrigued by the title so I checked out the site. I LOVE it. The point of the website is to analyze what cell phone, credit card, cd & savings account is best for you based on what you use it for.

For instance, I am obsessed with credit card rewards. I have a system. I've done research. Until I saw this website I was pretty sure I was getting the best rewards for what I buy and how much of it I buy. But I figured I could test the website's knowledge. I clicked on the "credit cards" tab and answered less than 10 questions about my usage (it took me less than 30 seconds). Turns out it recommended 22 credit cards that it claims will give me more rewards than the one I have! That's crazy!

Check it out:

If you would, post your experience in the comments section. I'm curious to see what recommendations the site gave you and if you feel that the site could really help you shrink your bills.

On another unrelated note, as I'm sure you have noticed, I've given my site a much-needed face-lift. Please fill out the poll on the right hand side of the blog telling me what you think of the new look. While you're there, click "follow me" to keep track of my upcoming blog posts. Thanks everyone!
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