Aug 14, 2010

Drew is thrifting... who's next?

Paired with celebrity-priced pumps on her feet, Drew Barrymore wore a $25 thrift store dress to the Nylon magazine/Express party in Los Angeles.

Where'd she get this dress?: A thrift store. This superhuman incident means a couple things for us normal people.

Image via Shine from Yahoo!
1. Somewhere, somehow Drew is probably giving her old clothes to a thrift store. I was at the thrift store on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles a few summers ago, but from I could tell, it wasn't that one.

2. Next, thrift shopping could start to be the popular thing since a celeb did it. Indie rock lovers hate to see their favorite band get big, similarly, the idea of thrift shopping getting big kind of scares me. I'm afraid more people will flood the thrift stores, limiting selection. I'm afraid it will be the cool thing to do.

For example, when someone compliments me on my jeans I normally say something like: "Gee thanks, I actually bought this pair of American Eagle jeans for $6 at Goodwill" and just when the complimenter is about to admit how amazing I am for finding such an incredible deal, someone might jump in and say, "yeah well I got these Banana Republic jeans at Salvation Army for $5". Then I will sink in my hole of shame and embarrassment. Life = Over.
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