Jan 4, 2011

Ireland is heavy on the wallet

I've been in Ireland for 4 days so far and I must admit, I'm doing a terrible job of thrifting. Here are some of my excuses. I'm not sure any of them are justified.

1)The bills look like monopoly money.
2)The coins look like, at max, 25 cent pieces even though they range from a penny in worth to 2 Quid.
3)I'm seeing beautiful stuff that my friends and family would love in every store. Oh, did I mention I love it all too?
4)The menus are full of amazing food like fish 'n chips, Guinness Stew, scones (not like the ones in the U.S.) and creamy hot chocolate...and it's all quite expensive.
5)I will probably never be back here again so I should live it up, right?

Okay, even though I'm a flaming hypocrite, there are still a few pieces of advice I could give to the common traveler.

  • Stay in a hostel. It's extremely cheap compared to a hotel. It's a little less comfortable, but for under half the price of a hotel, it's worth it.
  • When you order a meal consider splitting it. I've only done this one time so far even though I should be doing it at almost every meal. The portions are huge, just like here in the U.S.
  • Instead of souvenirs, consider shopping for friends and family at the grocery store. Even though I've seen so many wonderful things, I'd go broke if I bought them all so I've decided to bring back chocolates and pastries for my loved ones. It's cheap, it's unique and it's delicious (shout out to Carrie for suggesting this one)!
For more pictures of my trip thus far, you can visit my Facebook album by clicking here.

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