Jan 19, 2011

Items of luxury v.s. everyday luxuries

My new bathroom read is called "Frugal Luxuries" by Tracey McBride. It's about embracing the simple pleasures of living the frugal life. I love this book. Plus, I just bought that little basket it's sitting in for just $5 at Target, which I think is so cute.

Recently I read a section of the book that discusses the idea of allowing yourself to delight in little things and ordinary occurrences instead of items of luxury, like ipods, laptops, coffeemakers or whatever item you have your eye on in the stores. How do we do this? Well, we can start by noticing things around us that make us happy and to appreciate what we already have. The book recommends making a list of things in your own life. Okay, I'll go first.

Things I appreciate/enjoy about everyday life:
  1. cookie dough ice cream (I'm eating some right now and it is fab)
  2. my cozy apartment and wonderful roommate who puts up with me
  3. organization
  4. the ability to write creatively 
  5. the opportunity to learn about different people and different cultures
If we can master finding pleasure in the simple, everyday occurrences of life, we will have less need to go out and buy the next best thing to bring us satisfaction. The goal is NOT to stop buying things we need and want, the idea is to find contentment in everyday things so we don't need to self-indulge at our favorite store to enjoy life.

Now, make your list: What can you find appreciation/contentment with in your everyday life? Try to notice and appreciate those things this week. Practice being content with what you have and what you've got going on right now.


  1. Interesting posting. In America, we have gotten away from the values and traditions that bonded us together and have led to a materialistic culture that we can no long afford. Ben Franklin had the right idea about this in Poor Richard's Almanack, which has some practical purposes...although maybe a little outdated with some of the ways we can live. :)

  2. love these posts, just as much as the practical "Here's how to save" ones.

    I appreciate that I live in one of the most beautiful places in America - and that just walking the park next to a gushing river in the shadow of looming mountains fills me up more than even the best curry in town.

  3. So...I was googling "frugal" and came across your kind post and good words about my work. I couldn't help but stop to say "Thank YOU!" and to say how much I appreciate that you appreciate my philosophy. You made my night!


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