Jan 25, 2011

A thrifty day's theme: WAIT to buy

In terms of thriftiness, yesterday was top notch. Let's review the day.

1 - My good friend and I went to Dunkin' Donuts for $0.99 lattes thanks to accompanying coupons from the newspaper. Their 10oz mochas are great for the price, but I think it's helpful to add some sugar for a sweeter taste.

2 - I went to my grandmother's house in the evening and she not only inspired me for a future blog post, she also gave me a coffeemaker! My roommate and I have had a crappy coffeemaker ever since we moved in to our apartment together two years ago. We've had  a Gevalia machine (which comes free with a $20 coffee purchase) that makes bleh-tasting coffee and never brews as hot as I'd like. I happened to mention to Grandma that I was looking for a new one and walah! She happened to have a one lying around. This proves a point.

When you need something, instead of immediately going out to purchase it, simply mention it to friends when it comes to mind. Not "hey guys I could really use a X, can you give me one". Just "I've been keeping my eye out for a coffee maker lately, mine just isn't doing the trick". That's how I got my camera, my new-to-me coffeemaker and my item in #3! Let's face it, all of us have a lot of stuff we don't need...so it never hurts to put that need out there; you never know what's collecting dust in someone's closet or basement.

3. My beloved cousin phones me to say he would like to redesign The Thrift World! I am ecstatic! He already has a degree in graphic design but is taking a refresher course that requires him to build a website, and he thought of me (again, I plugged my need). Therefore, The Thrift World will be looking a bit different in coming months, that means a new logo and a new overall design. I am very excited! If you have ideas or suggestions, send me a comment or "like" The Thrift World on Facebook and post on the wall.
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