Nov 2, 2010

Utilize your Christmas list

Though stores have not yet started playing Christmas music (we'll give it a few more days) it is still getting closer to the big day. Remember, when we were kids and Christmas was a magical holiday? Those were the days we tried to be good and left Santa cookies and milk by the tree because we wanted to up our chances of getting the best stuff under the tree. Somewhere between ages 5-10 we found out the truth - some of us held out longer than others including me. As soon as that hit, Christmas has never been the same. Now it seems more about shopping, decorating and parties. Overall, Christmas can be expensive. But thinking about your own list carefully can save you time and money in the future. How do you do that?

Ask for things you "need". I'm 24 years old and I have to say that there are few things I am in need for. I have plenty of food, a more-than-adequate shelter despite the old wood-paneled walls, and plenty of clothes. But, there are things I spend money on like body care products, groceries, coffee (obviously), entertainment and other items I am likely to buy in the future. Thus, my Christmas list is full of items I will eventually buy throughout the year so that I actually save money by not buying it myself. The other half is filled with gift cards to places I will eventually buy things at.

So this year, consider your list and what you fill your list with. Do you really need that Keurig single-cup coffee maker with pricey refill cups, even more clothes or a bigger iPod? Do yourself a favor and ask for things you "need". It will save you some cash down the road.

More Christmas savings tips to come!
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