Nov 24, 2010

Black Friday Tips

The biggest shopping holiday of the year is just two days out. Are you prepared? Here are some tips to keep in mind as you depart on your early morning shopping extravanganza.

1. Bring a game plan. Do some research before you head out. I found this website that uploads all the ads of the major companies that are running Black Friday specials. It's a good place to look at all the deals in one place.

2. Comparison shop. Even though Black Friday is the day for deals, not everything on the shelf is on sale. A lot of things are still regular price. Check out for the best deals on what you're looking for.

3. Leave the coffee at home. Coffee + stress = more stress. Your adrenaline will already be pumping, so have a couple less cups in the morning. Plus, you'll get out of the house earlier and you'll be able to skip those long bathroom lines.

4. Eat a protein bar. You will need energy and strength to complete this day of shopping turmoil. And more importantly, when another customer tries to shove you out of the way before lunging for the last $179.99 Acer will have the strength to knock them on their butt and snag it first and then yell HA! in their face (if you're really into it).

5. Consider staying at home. Save the gas, save the stress and avoid impending injuries. Lots of companies are doing Black Friday online so check out for those deals before you leave the house.

***Another way to save money and protect yourself is to drive safe on Thanksgiving and beware of other drivers. Thanksgiving is the most dangerous holiday for driving, not New Year's Eve.

Have a safe holiday!
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