Nov 22, 2010

Groupon comes to Reading, PA!

Recently when I was in Boston (finally I felt like I was on the map) the friends we were staying with told us about the website Groupon. I was really excited about finding daily local deals at restaurants, attractions, events and even on local goods. The problem was, I checked into Reading, PA and it said "coming soon". I was like: yeah, sure. But I did sign up to be alerted when the website reached my town and that day came before I knew it!
My friends, you can sign up TODAY Groupon delivered for free to your inbox. The whole idea is the coupons are local deals and they are pretty extraordinary. Things like 50% to 90% stuff in your city; it's a great way to explore new places! You can print the coupons directly from your email or show the coupon to the local business with your smart phone. For example, the Groupon today is for Pauline's Soups & More on the corner of 5th & Penn in the city. You get $8 worth of lunch for $4, not bad. So you actually pay Groupon $4 and then print your coupon. This one specifically expires in 1 year. It works like any other coupon except for you show up to the business and you already paid s0 you can leave your wallet at home.
This website really appeals to me because I love the idea of exploring the area and knowing all about what's around me so I can take full advantage of it. Hopefully this website can begin to introduce me to new places around Berks County by giving me a discount (a pretty good reason) to try them out. Thrifting and exploring: for me it's like chocolate and peanut butter - they just go together.

I'm excited to get my Groupon on!
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