Nov 7, 2010

A new way of shopping

Last week, one of my old college roommates and I got together to go shopping and hang out. We struggle with finding an inbetween spot for us to meet up and she said suggested we go to the Park City Mall. Admittedly, I was a little excited about this venture because I had not been casual shopping with a female friend in a mall for possibly more than a year. Quickly I remembered what it was like. The stores hold beautiful shiny, new items, packaged in delightful boxes and papers, but with prices that don't appeal to me much. I feel as though, in general, the mall leaves me wanting more and more stuff that I didn't realize I ever needed. Luckily, it's browsing at the mall is not a frequent habit of mine, so the temptation was minimal and I was able to resist.

My preferred method of shopping is going to second hand stores to buy used clothing, games, household items and decor and whatever I need! Recently my boyfriend and I took a trip to Boston and of course we stopped at several thrift stores in the hip city. I got extremely lucky in my finds - I was hunting for jeans and scored two pairs. One of them Gap, the other Abercrombie and Fitch for a combined total of $11.

Many times, it's not always so easy to find great name brands for a cheap price - though most of my clothes are from thrift stores and fit that category. But in fact, if you've been through thrift stores, you know that there is tons of ugly crap on the shelves that you would never dream of buying. This mini plaque-like item of a deer hoof (?) is one of those items. My boyfriend, who is a committed vegetarian, actually found the piece to be quite vile. For some reason, the Goodwill in Shillington has this item on its shelf expecting that someone might buy it. Honestly, I almost did. I think it would make a great gag gift.

You never know what you'll find at second-hand stores. But I've learned that it really is a way of life. Once you get into it, you know what you can find and you don't buy those things anywhere else. Look hard enough and clearly, you can find just about anything.
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