Nov 27, 2010

Sick of paying .99 cents per song?

I have only met one person in my entire life who did not like music. I imagine right now that person has a sad, dark life...when he cries he only has his silence to comfort him. I have "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. in my corner which reminds me that the world hurts too...and I can sob aloud, not feeling so alone, but feeling a bit of comfort, even camaraderie in my sorrows. This person sobs with no comfort and no friends.

I'm grateful that I have music, but like any other thing in my world, I feel that everything has a price and then everything has a fair price. I do not feel that .99 cents per digital download is a fair price.

Sure, it beats buying an entire album for $15 when you're paying for songs you don't want or even like without ever having the chance to listen to them (what did we ever do without the internet streaming music?) But, if you consider that many albums have 12-15 songs on a cd, at a dollar a song, you're paying the same amount for the digital download but without the physical disc or the casing. Same music but with less overhead - if they get a break on the deal so should we.

iTunes does sell some songs for .69 cents and $1.29. For a little bit cheaper, sells mp3s, which range from .64 cents to 1.24 cents per song, but who really wants to support Walmart? There must be better options! Alas, Amazon comes to the digital music rescue!

Amazon offers 100 albums at the price of $5 each every single month. In fact, this month The Weepies new album Be My Thrill is on that list: $5 of pure musical bliss. They also have some albums by Norah Jones, Beyonce, Maroon 5, Jimmy Eat World, and many more listed for $5.

They also offer certain "best-seller" albums for $7.99 and then even some other music for free. Might be worth checking out if you're into the Veggie Tales' Christmas album, various sample cds or a bunch of stuff I've never heard of (maybe you have?)

Check out their full collection of $5 albums here. While you're there, check out the $3.99 daily deal of the day (this is what I call a legal music steal) and let the music bargains begin!
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